Dr.abdelmoula musa mohammed 

The College of communication Science was established on Sunday 3rd of SAFAR, 1427 Higra, 13th of March, 2005 A. C. in accordance with decision No . 5(2005) A. C. of the National Council for Higher Education. The main aim for the establishment of the college is to create an innovative model for the traditional colleges of communication in the Sudan, which used to depend mainly in their study curricula on the theoretical studies and have less attention to the practical side of the study of communication. The academic atmosphere in the Sudan University of Science and Technology in extremely viable to the development of a model of a communication collage because of the Universitys wide concern and great experience in the fields of modern sciences and technological studies, especially the studies in communication technologies and multimedia studies . The new revolution in multimedia technologies has posed a great responsibility on the practitioners in the field of communication and has created new functions for the media of communication in society. The College was destined, since its establishment, to catch up with the continuing development in the field of communication technologies and to try to cater for the practical application of all the technological programs that will help to create to the competent cadre of communication experts. The College also works towards the transfer of international communication expertise to its staff of Lecturers and executives to train them in all the modern innovative ways in the field of communication. Another important role to be played by the college is in cooperation with its community through research and studies of public opinion, production of community and sustained development programs, documentation of the vital development projects, and giving advice and consultation on the field of communication. This is but a brief resume of our visitors to our 'Website ' whom we entreat to provide us with their reactions, feedback, views and attitudes, which will be of great help to us in our endeavour to continue on the development of our programs.