A seminar entitled Poverty and methods of reducing them

Has set up a group of students of public relations and advertising department as part of graduation projects for the year 2016 a seminar on poverty and methods of reducing it spoke both Alasatz Ai Badawi, Secretary of Foreign Relations at the Institute of slaughter and Mr. Ahmed Sharif, an economist and professor Awwadah Honorary Director General of the Bank of the family has the symposium was attended by a group of Aedahaih teaching college and was headed by Dr. Mousa Mohammed Abdmoly Dean and Dr. Hoda Osman group moderator researcher


Recited the Koran

During the holy month of Ramadan work recitation rings and so the college mosque


Forum media

Alcheraz assess the organization and a charity Gana Forum media Beltaaon with colleges media .almkan School of Information Sciences at the University of Sudan for Science and Technology during the month of May and the ongoing Sharif Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, Dr. Mousa Mohammed Abdalmiloy It contains the forum on Mahol the following: 1. The role of the media in voluntary work 2. Sail social networking It contains placed on the working papers submitted by students - and seminars and programs leis (vocals - hair) and attend the forum a number of professors and Almkhrgien, journalists and personalities related to voluntary work and media There is free training for the best five topics courses offered

Students visit the fourth-level multimedia television Sudan

Today has been approved 17/5/2016 visit to Sudan TV for students of the fourth level of multimedia department know students during a visit to the Graphic Department and studios broadcast room Alkntrul and cameras and concluded the visit room broadcast was received by the students, Dr. Sharaf al-Din Rais Graphic Department and director Youssef Ezzedine and some of the Altvnin technocracy and students have benefited from this visit and explanation that was where

Cooperation between the Faculty of Communication Sciences Red Sea University Faculty of Arts Department of Media Agreement

As part of a joint collaboration between the Faculty of Communication Sciences Red Sea University Faculty of Arts Department of the media were to hold a joint cooperation agreement between the kidneys provides for the mutual visits of students and professor of kidneys

The signing of the joint cooperation between the university and the Department of Defense Agreement

In the framework of positive relations between Sudan University of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Defense, and for the exchange of common interests of moving the activities of scientific research and to bridge the scientific collaboration is looking to raise the scientific and practical training research level in the various fields of knowledge and to enhance relations and encouragement to continue in the field of scientific and technological research and in order to take advantage of Brlat material resources and human available to the parties and on the background of the previous consultations of this agreement between the Faculty of communication Sciences University and the Department of military media General Department for guidance and services was agreed killed blinks on the joint cooperation agreement. It has sat for the university: Brovsaor: Hashim Ali Mohamed Salem - Rector and signed by the General Administration of guidance and services at the Ministry of Defense Major General Dr. Osman Mamedalagbh - Director

An initiative incidents Street

Multimedia Activities

Movie made by Students


Student's Visits

The Students Visited a Number of Broadcasting Stations in Khartoum