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Looking forward to be a model example of communication colleges as well as looking forward to achieving, for itself, an advanced scientific position in the field communication.-education and information researches. The college seeks to use knowledge, science and ICT to serve the society.


In the context with the mission of SUST and itís role in serving the society through graduating generations with good knowledge of Hi-Technology.

Teaching communication programs focusing on the technical & Applied approach.

improving scientific research in communication fields and contributing in scientific researches that to inrich sustainable development of the society

providing training to the employees in the communication fields .

Serving the society through its own mass media production units.


  • College of Communication Science aims to achieve a number of objectives directly connected with the real needs of students who want to join it as well as meeting the need of the community and the lab our market. These objectives are:
    1. Preparing qualified students in modern communication science in both the theoretical and technical aspects.
    2. Graduating a generation of media men who are aware and capable of carrying out the different media posts in field of journalism, Radio and television, public relations and advertising.
    3. Promoting standard of employees in the field of media and qualifying them at the BA level.
    4. Co-operating with the media institutions inside and outside Sudan.